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Why Free SEO Optimization Tools

We at BLOGFORALL have been designing and developing best-in-class search tools for close to 10 years, so we are aware of the importance of high-end SEO tools. When you require larger limitations, cutting-edge functionality, saved data, or on-call support, premium solutions are quite helpful in SEO.

However, a free tool may frequently complete 80% of other jobs.

Since there are literally hundreds of free SEO tools available, we’ll just cover the best and most practical ones so you may expand your toolkit. Many members of the SEO community contributed to this post’s review of the SEO software , a tool needed to adhere to three criteria in order to be accepted.

Needs to be:

  • widely employed and endorsed by the SEO industry
  • offers ethical value and useful information
  • In fact, true freedom

The top 8 free SEO tools  are listed in this article.

In actuality, these techniques have assisted in my website receiving hundreds monthly visitors.

What’s best?

In 2022, all of these instruments function PERFECTLY.

Let’s get going…

The SEO function is used to categorize the tools. To jump to a certain section, click on the corresponding button below.


Analytics   Crawling/Indexing   Keyword Research   Link Tools   Local SEO   Mobile SEO   Multi-tool   On-page SEO   Research   Site Speed   WordPress

The best free SEO tools make it simpler and easier to maintain and track your search engine rankings as well as making sure that your website is optimized for performance.





It’s difficult to fathom doing modern SEO without having access to the information within Google’s Search Console, which is probably the most helpful free SEO tool on this entire list. This is the only area where you can acquire accurate keyword data and the most dependable source for information on how Google scans and ranks your website. Search Console only allows downloads of up to 1000 rows, therefore save the free Search Console Data Exporter to your bookmarks if you want to download up to 25,000 data at once.

Even while Google’s own Keyword Planner was created for people who purchase Google advertisements, it nevertheless provides a wealth of data that is helpful for SEO keyword planning. It makes use of Google data and offers helpful features like country filtering. Be cautious when utilizing measures like volume and competition, which are known to be unclear (this is intended for paid placements).

Obtain keyword ideas and information about competition.

Numerous functions in Ubersuggest are typically only seen in more expensive SEO solutions.

But it is completely free.

Enter a term you wish to rank for to use it (or a competing website that you want to rank above).

One can’t help but adore Answer The Public. The user interface nearly gives off a “Cards Against Humanity” rebel attitude. Regardless, this is your go-to tool if you want to produce a sizable list of queries from any keyword collection.

The Google Keyword Planner is where the majority of SEO tools obtain their data from.

The website Answer the Public is unique.

This fantastic program locates queries posted on blogs, forums, and social media.

And it creates fantastic keywords from those queries:

Make your website Bing-friendly.

The Google Search Console is essentially the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools are therefore essential if you wish to get your website indexed (and ranked) in Bing.

Best Function of Bing Webmaster Tools: Keyword Research Tool

Get direct keyword suggestions (and information) from Bing.

Additionally, data from Bing is only applicable to organic search, in contrast to the Google Keyword Planner (not Bing PPC or Adwords).

Did somebody utter (not provided)? With the aid of sophisticated arithmetic and machine learning, Keyword Hero attempts to address the issue of missing keyword data. Although it’s not a flawless system, the data can be a helpful first step for individuals who are having trouble matching keywords with conversion and other on-site analytics. Price is free for the first 2000 sessions per month.


The finest things e-commerce site owners can do for their websites are to invest in site performance, a simple checkout process, and easily accessible customer care. The consumer experience is directly impacted by each of these factors.

Online shoppers need speedy delivery. They want not only their orders to be delivered swiftly, but also their inquiries to be resolved quickly. The best thing is that Google’s algorithm has improved over time to commend websites who make these investments. Increasing website speed has become a big topic recently, and for good reason.

Making more use of your existing pages is another important aspect of e-commerce that is less immediately tied to rankings.

You can reduce your reliance on rankings by spending money on eye tracking software and other conversion enhancement tools. You’ll be far better placed than your competition, who is only looking to outrank everyone, if you can increase your overall conversion rate across all channels..”


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Frequent Asked Questions

Describe SEO. The method of enhancing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website via organic search engine results is known as SEO, or search engine optimization. How does SEO work?

The SEO technique primarily focuses on natural links and placement in search engine results; however, it is frequently reinforced by more aggressive measures (such paid search ads) and is frequently a part of conventional marketing initiatives. Here is a collection of all the Interaction Design Foundation’s UX research on search engine optimization (SEO):

Let’s divide our concept into three components to better comprehend the benefits of SEO: The unpaid listings on a search engine results page (SERP) that the search engine has judged are most pertinent to the user’s query are known as organic search results. Many SERPs contain a sizable amount of adverts, more specifically PPC or pay-per-click ads.

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