What an African safari is really like

What an African safari really like in 2023

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  • All things being equal, an African safari is an excursion or visit to a natural life held in an African country for the motivations behind seeing and capturing a scope of untamed life right at home, to notice their regular lifestyle. African safaris are tied in with drenching oneself in nature and noticing untamed life approach their day-to-day routine, unhindered by humankind.

Meeting local people and finding out about their captivating society is likewise an illuminating encounter while on safari

But above all, a safari in Africa is about going on an adventure and not knowing what to expect next.

When you think of Africa, what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches? Wild animals? It might be difficult to find out how the animals actually live in their natural habitats, but there’s one way! If you want to see wild animals in their natural habitat without any worries about safety, then an African safari will do the trick. Let’s learn more about what it’s really like!

The beauty of  Africa can be experienced through many different tours, including the seaside, towns, cities, climates, forests, mountains, grasslands and plant life. You can also experience all types of wildlife in the wild.

Let’s take a look at safaris in Kruger National Park and learn what it’s really like.

tshukudu game reserve cheetah

There are guided day and night walk around the park or even viewpoints around the park where you can climb out and stand among the beautiful scenery.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the sunrise over the plains of Africa, sitting in an open safari bus where you have a clear view of everything. Your camera should be charged and ready for all these opportunities because we know how hard it is to take your eyes off this wonderful sight. This could get exhausting after a while, so there are different lodges and campsites in the Kruger Park that offer breaks throughout the day. Find Jock Safari Lodge which provides accommodation right in the middle of the park and a spa to treat you while surrounded by all this natural beauty.

If you’re looking for an adventure, a safari is a perfect way to go. As you journey through Africa, you’ll get to see some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet.

You’ll start your safari in a comfortable vehicle, and you’ll be able to see the wildlife right up close. You’ll be able to see lions, elephants, cheetahs, and many other animals up close and personal.

African safaris can be long, but they’re definitely worth it. You’ll be able to see all kinds of incredible wildlife, and you’ll have a blast doing it

There is no substitute for experiencing Africa for yourself. And what better way to do that than on a safari? On a safari, you will get to see some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. You will see lions, elephants, and rhinos in their natural habitats. You will be able to feel the excitement and the thrill of being in the middle of all of this wildness.

Why go on a Safari?

  • Slow down and get in touch with the earth
  • Experience wildlife in their natural environment
  • Engage with local cultures and learn about their traditions
  • Take part in adventurous outdoor activities

The accommodation on safaris varies depending on your trip. Anything from basic two-man tents through to tented camps and luxury lodges with en suite bathrooms. Certainly, there is something to suit everyone!

What kinds of Safari Trips could you at any point go on?

 The term SAFARI is a kind of involvement where you have the amazing chance to notice and photo natural life. An African safari in an overland truck is an undertaking with heaps of touring and exercises. Expert types of safaris provide food for an assortment of necessities and spending plans. A few models incorporate transient safaris, birding, clinical safaris, climbing, culinary, family, horseback and visual safaris. A safari visit can go is the length of several days to longer overland outings. While the more drawn out safari visits cross over various nations and incorporate 1-2 months of movement.

What is a Camping Overland Safari Trip?

overlanding with africabig5safaris
Overlanding with africabig5safaris

A setting up camp overland safari is for explorers who need an involved encounter of Mother Nature. Either set up your camping area or aid assemble an open-air fire while encompassed by stunning scenes and landscape. During an African setting up camp safari you will remain in huge vault material tents which are open enough for two grown-ups and your baggage. Most setting up camp safaris incorporate a resting mat and you just have to bring your own hiking bed, cushion and towel. The African campgrounds are fundamental and agreeable. Most have warm showers and flushing ablutions, while others might have normal ablutions.

What are Accommodated or Comfort Overland Safari Trips?

Obliged safaris are intended for explorers who incline toward additional solaces. Above all, it is solace without the sticker price! Our obliged safaris utilize a mix of cabins, lodgings, cottages, chalets, long-lasting safari camps, inns and conventional hovels. Our properties are unmistakably situated at every objective for a credible involvement in unimaginable perspectives. The norm of the properties shifts along with the outing. While Southern African properties are substantially more settled than the East Africa convenience. They shift from fundamental agreeable convenience to stunning properties.

What is a Lodge Safari Tour?

Hold up safaris permit explorers to get to untamed life throughout a more limited timeframe. Thusly the hotels are found near the natural life and permit you more solace. Most cabins can be gotten to via air or via land moves in this manner permitting you to amplify your time and experience. Likewise, the nature of hotels changes for spending plans and level of solace.

What is a Mobile Tented Safari Tour?

Versatile rose Safaris are intended to consider less effect on the climate. Tents are set up for your convenience and afterwards dismantled when you leave to guarantee just effects are had behind. Guides will drive the help vehicles in front of the explorers and set up the camp.

Therefore the whole camp is good to go up before your appearance. When you show up you should simply unload, sit back unwind and trust that supper will be served. You will rest on cot beds with a camping cot and a pad given. Pail showers are given warmed water for you to spruce up.

Extravagance rose camps A portion of the camps are extravagance camps which are roomy tents with beds and fresh great quality material. Occupant culinary specialists will set up the entirety of your suppers and there is an assigned manual for putting together and keeping up with the camping area. There are a couple of extremely durable rose camps which are raised occasionally in untamed life thick regions for the best game review insight. When the season is over these tents are dismantled and moved to one more region for ideal game review.

What is a typical day on a Safari Trip?

Early mornings are continuous so you can partake in a sweltering drink and a light breakfast prior to going out on a game drive. The mornings can be fresh and cold while invigorating, with the compensation of watching nature stir. The morning game drives can be between 2 to 3 hours in length. Permitting you a lot of chance to investigate the region prior to getting back to the camping area for lunch or partaking in an outing in the shrub.

You could go on one more game drive in the early evening or participate in an action, for example, kayaking, birdwatching or wilderness boating. Supper will be ready for you to sit back, unwind and visit your kindred friends over sundowners while a snapping fire is prepared to keep the chill off. Early evenings are typically energized so you awaken invigorated and prepared for another courageous safari.


When is the best time to go on a Safari Tour?

The Winter a very long time from June to October offer the best game review all through East and Southern Africa. The best-untamed life seeing is the point at which the crowds of game brush on the dry Savannah during the day. While watering openings and riverbeds are the primary fascination at dusk. Winter is likewise the best chance to see and experience the wildebeest movement in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

The relocation is certainly perhaps Africa’s most prominent peculiarity and definitely worth the outing. It is great for an oceanside get-away on the East shoreline of Africa with moderate everyday temperatures. Normally these circumstances are amazing to absorb the sun. In the Summer a very long time from November to March the shrub changes with rich green vegetation.

The African sky offers up a sensational background of dull rainstorm mists. It is subsequently the best battleground for fiery youthful nibblers, with heightened hunter activity. Likewise the most well known season for birding lovers with large rushes of transitory birds bringing south back.

Is East Africa Safari or Southern Africa Safari better?

The unavoidable issue when individuals consider a safari occasion in Africa is where a safari visit is conceivable and how to pick either East Africa or Southern Africa. Southern Africa incorporates the nations of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique. While East Africa incorporates the nations of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

These are the two fundamental districts for safari occasions in Africa. Every locale offers various scenes, natural life encounters and attractions. Subsequently gives plunge access to the advantages and disadvantages of a safari in every district to assist you with settling on your African safari visit.

The East African Landscape


Whenever individuals consider pictures of an African safari, they ordinarily have scenes from an East African safari as a top priority. Endless nature narratives are set on the immense savanna of Kenya and Tanzania.

These two nations brag postcard-ideal scenes of moving savanna spotted with acacia trees and are home to the wildebeest relocation. The yearly relocation of millions of creatures happens between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. This is really one of the best-untamed life scenes on Earth.

Both East Africa visits and Southern Africa visits have the Big Five untamed life and an astounding variety of different creatures. Anyway, East Africa has a higher centralization of games than Southern Africa. Untamed life is likewise simpler to detect on the open savanna fields.

Because East African public parks not being fenced the natural life move uninhibitedly in their transient examples.

The East African Wildlife Safari

While Kenya and Tanzania are the top nations in East Africa Wildlife Safari visits, Uganda and Rwanda have their own attractions as they are known for wild mountain gorillas. Alongside the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda are the main spots where you can see mountain gorillas right at home. It is exciting and immensely compensating to Track mountain gorillas.

Without a doubt a list of must-dos untamed life experiences to attempt to tick off your consistently developing rundown. The experience of encountering an enormous silverback gorilla is really remarkable! You can likewise go chimpanzee following in Uganda and Rwanda, which doesn’t get you as close as you do to the gorillas, yet it’s as yet an astounding untamed life experience.

One more fundamental fascination of a safari visit in East Africa is a climb up Africa’s most noteworthy mountain in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania and Kenya have lovely shorelines and untainted islands for some, loosening up oceanside time, swimming and jumping. A couple of disadvantages of east African safaris are the number of vehicles at sightings in the famous parks, like the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. With no restriction to the number of vehicles, you will probably be offering the view to 10 different vehicles.

The Southern African Landscape

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While Southern Africa doesn’t have a similar convergence of untamed life as East Africa, it offers a more prominent variety of scenes. Southern Africa features remember the immense wetland of the Okavango Delta for Botswana as well as the wonderful Kalahari Desert in Botswana and South Africa.

Likewise, the tallest sandhills on the planet in the Namib Desert in Namibia and Africa’s biggest cascade, Victoria Falls, which rides Zambia and Zimbabwe. No neglecting Mozambique’s long and delightful shore with its wonderful palm-lined archipelagos. Mozambique safaris are famous for their pleasant view and rich social encounters. With amazingly changed scenes and environments, South Africa is the most well-known safari objective in southern Africa for good explanation.

Not failing to remember an astonishing Big Five safari occasion visiting the country’s lead park, Kruger National Park permits you to encounter a wide variety in a brief time frame. Positively South Africa offers such a great amount from city touring in wonderful Cape Town to an oceanside occasion on the Garden Route. Mountaineering in the Drakensberg or wine sampling in the Cape Winelands are likewise famous attractions

The Southern African Wildlife

Etosha National Park waterhole
Etosha National Park waterhole

Aside from Etosha National Park in Namibia, a significant number of the public stops and saves in Southern Africa have thick bushveld not at all like in East Africa, making game survey somewhat seriously testing. A benefit is you can frequently draw much nearer to the natural life in Southern Africa. Along these lines, you’ll get to see those elephants or lions very close.

Private stores or concessions in Southern Africa have severe principles about the number of vehicles that can a viewed. This implies that you get a greater amount of personal involvement with a locating than you could do in East Africa. On the off chance that you’re searching for a jungle fever free safari objective, east Africa is sadly impossible. Africa’s just intestinal sickness free safaris are in South Africa and Namibia (here is our rundown of the best jungle fever free safaris in southern Africa).

Inspired to go on a Safari Tour in Southern Africa?

If you can’t possibly choose between East Africa and Southern Africa for a safari tour then explore both regions on one of our long Overlanding tours?

Our 55 day Nairobi to Cape Town Overlanding tour starts in Kenya and takes you through Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia before coming to an end in Cape Town, South Africa. Along the way, you will visit most of the best national parks and reserves in both East and Southern Africa.

Take your pick of Wildlife Safari tours travelling to Africa:

Our Top Safari Game Reserves:

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