6 + Best email marketing software & tools for 2023

6 + Best email marketing software & tools for 2022

You must choose the best email marketing software platform for your company in order to properly develop and implement your email marketing plan. Here are the top 6 email marketing software systems and an explanation of why each is a wise choice. 1. Sendinblue 2. Convertkit 3. Get Response 4. Active campaign 5. Hubspot 6. Mailer Lite


My top suggestions for the best EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE & TOOLS to utilize this year are as follows



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#4.Active campaign

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#6.Mailer Lite

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1. What are the benefits of using these platforms for EMail Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers one of the best ROIs of any marketing medium, as we’ve already mentioned. Email marketing has been around for a long time, yet it still has a ROI of 4000 percent, meaning that for every $1 you spend on it, you might get back $40 in return. Some studies even estimate email marketing ROI to be closer than 50%! This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that 4 billion people use email globally (Statista). It would be surprising if email marketing didn’t have a strong ROI with such a sizable readership dispersed across many demographics. Regardless of ROI, email marketing can help you grow your subscriber base, increase revenue, and enhance brand recognition.

Regardless of your sector, email marketing may help you reach the right people with your marketing message and gives you a method to keep in touch with your target market after they’ve left your website. Additional justifications for employing email marketing for your company include the following:

Use sales funnels to reach your markets

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Activecampain, By concentrating on developing a world-class product that offers a variety of solutions for B2C, B2B, and e-commerce enterprises from all over the world, ActiveCampaign has established itself as a top marketing automation tool.

THE best overall email marketing platform
for businesses
and marketers

With machine learning and predictive technologies that help marketers operate more shrewdly and produce higher ROI, it is by far the most sophisticated email marketing platform on our list.

Email Marketing Software and Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Although email marketing has been around since the dawn of time, it has only recently experienced a surge in popularity. In fact, more than 50% of organizations use email marketing now, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Any company’s online campaign strategy must include email marketing, but which platform is most effective for your particular industry?

One of the best ways to keep customers interested in your brand or items is through email marketing. You can maintain your consumers’ attention and promote repeat business by having a solid email strategy. In fact, email marketing software can increase your return on investment by up to 4,000%, or $40 for every $1 you invest.

A solid email marketing plan is built on an email marketing platform, which enables you to optimize your online campaigns for both customers and sales. Fortunately, there are several options for software that enable you to carry out your email marketing campaigns more successfully. The top email marketing software platforms have been examined and studied in order to determine their strengths and areas for development.

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing consistently provides a higher ROI. Additionally, it’s fantastic for creating communities and interacting with clients in a way that seems personal. However, without the proper infrastructure in place to manage your email marketing, you won’t be able to connect with your subscribers and clients in the manner necessary to promote engagement, develop those crucial relationships, produce more leads, and boost sales. This list of the best email marketing platforms available today was created with this in mind. In order to choose the ideal email marketing platform to deliver the results you require, compare the various features offered by each of the platforms on this list.

We’re going to spend a little time answering any questions you might have about email marketing, why it matters, what an email marketing platform actually is, and the features you should look for before we get started with our list.

Regardless of your sector, email marketing may help you reach the right people with your marketing message and gives you a method to keep in touch with your target market after they’ve left your website. Additional justifications for employing email marketing for your company include the following:


Loyalty:  You have the opportunity to entice repeat visits to your website by using email. Additionally, returning visitors to your website have a higher conversion rate than first-time visitors.

Visitors who come back: A whopping 97 percent of visitors who leave your website never return. For the majority of online firms, that is a frightening number. However, you can promote return visitors by creating an email list.

Increased income: Excellent conversion rates are achieved by email marketing. According to Barilliance, email marketing conversion rates on average were 15.11 percent in 2020. Additionally, purchases made as a result of email marketing initiatives typically cost more.

An email marketing software platform is what?

After being persuaded that email marketing is worthwhile, you may be wondering what an email marketing platform is and why using one is important. A piece of software called an email marketing platform allows you to design and control email marketing campaigns. No problem, isn’t it?

Platforms for email marketing are frequently cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Sending emails for any purpose, including newsletters, promotions, and abandoned cart recovery, is made simple with a top-notch email marketing platform.

What  Email Marketing Software Platforms Should Aim To Do

Your email marketing platform should, in the end, simplify your life by assisting you in automating your emails and marketing campaigns and making it simple to create stunning and captivating emails that you can distribute to your clients and subscribers. When selecting the most effective email marketing platform for your company, we advise keeping an eye out for these six features:

User Experience

The goal of email marketing platforms is to simplify the job of email marketers. To guarantee that you can use all the functions you require quickly and simply, look for an email marketing platform with an intuitive UI and a minimal learning curve. An email editor with drag and drop functionality is a fantastic addition. Furthermore, if you employ email designers, you should pick a platform that supports HTML email templates. Make sure the email marketing platform you select includes a library of templates you can alter to produce emails that showcase your brand if you don’t have any designers on staff.


The ROI of your email campaigns is significantly increased by email segmentation. Based on demographics, location, behavior, and other factors, you may design customized marketing campaigns and promotional emails for the particular audiences who will be most interested in them. Some email marketing solutions even utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze user behavior in real-time and adjust your email messages as you go.


If you want to personalize your email marketing campaigns, segmentation is crucial. Additionally, it is imperative that you customize your email marketing efforts. To make it simple to customize your email subject lines and the email copy, find an email marketing platform that supports merge tags. In some email marketing platforms, you can even produce and send a single email that automatically incorporates specific content based on the segment it is being sent to. These platforms use dynamic content.


There are many moving components in email marketing, many of which are labor-intensive, repetitive manual operations. Fortunately, many of the top platforms for email marketing have automation tools that can save you a ton of work. Email automation covers a range of features, including email scheduling, delivery confirmations, engagement tracking, text analytics, role-based account access for your marketing team, and even intelligent segmentation/re-segmentation based on the results of your email marketing campaigns.


Testing is one of the most crucial things you can take to make sure your email marketing initiatives are getting the optimum ROI. In order to get the greatest possible combination of subject lines, copy, calls to action, email design, and format, many of the top email marketing platforms include A/B and split testing capability. With this functionality, you can compare various aspects of your marketing emails to one another.

Analytics and Reports

To make sure your email marketing is accomplishing your objectives, you should monitor a number of benchmarks. However, manually keeping track of this data might be a full-time job. To track open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and other metrics, pick an email marketing platform that offers reporting and analytics.

Extras and Features Currently Offered

A fresh wave of features is emerging, in addition to the fundamental functionality. These capabilities turn platforms from email marketing platforms into improved marketing communications solutions when applied to email marketing software. Additionally, there is a significant likelihood that you have already seen them promoted. They are as follows:

SMS Advertising

Brands can interact with customers at various stages of the buying process by integrating SMS services into their email marketing campaigns. SMS marketing is also quite successful as a permission-based advertising strategy. 72 percent of customers are comfortable with the idea of getting SMSs, and open rates for SMSs can reach 97 percent. Additionally, SMSs are shorter and easier to reply to

Brands can develop a well-planned and multi-layered communications strategy by combining SMS with an effective email marketing campaign.

Builders of websites and landing pages

A fundamental element of online marketing is the website and landing pages. They are essential for promoting goods and services as well as creating email lists. Although there are third-party tools that can connect to email marketing platforms through plugins and scripts, it is ideal to use a single solution that handles email as well as the creation and hosting of landing pages. Nowadays, the majority of email marketing systems provide simple-to-use landing page builders that are significantly less expensive than paying for a third-party service.

Integrated CRM

Although CRMs have traditionally been more of a sales tool, this is changing. Brands are now paying attention to all the data that CRMs can gather as the distinctions between sales and marketing become more hazy. Marketers can send consumers more individualized emails and content by using enriched profiles, which is something consumers demand.

Personalization of websites

Website personalisation enables advertisers to provide distinctive customer experiences. And nowadays, this is crucial. While up to 85 percent of marketers have noticed improvements in customer experience as a result of personalisation, just 70 percent of customers will interact with messages that are specifically tailored to them.

Brands can instantly send content tailored to individual customers thanks to website personalisation. You can provide customers with customized marketing engagements that boost conversions, from the ideal blog post to assist buyers along their journey to a discount coupon for those ready to make a purchase.

Online Marketing

Tools for creating paid ads simplify marketing duties. Paid ad creation tools make it simpler to track and measure conversions in a single platform, just like built-in CRM landing page and website builders. You may now develop ads for social media and search engine platforms using email marketing platforms.

Functionality of Chat and ChatBot

Chat is not a new technology, but it is revolutionizing how brands interact with their customers. Integrating chat into an email marketing platform doesn’t seem out of the question as the concept of conversational marketing gains popularity. With chat, businesses can reach out to potential customers, and with clever email automation, those potential customers may be led to a sale much more quickly.

Which Platform Is Best for You?

Selecting a platform involves many factors. We’ve compiled a list of 14 categories as a resource. They address advice for small, medium, and large businesses. We delve into the easiest platforms to use, the platforms that are best for eCommerce firms, deliverability statistics, and more.

  1. Recommended Email Marketing Platforms for Creators and Small Businesses Small businesses more than others frequently have to choose between affordability and usability. But that does not mean you have to forgo usefulness. We’ve found the following three platforms to be the best for solopreneurs and small enterprises in order to strike a balance between the two.
  2. Email marketing tools for medium-sized businesses According to our research, medium-sized organizations desire increased functionality, reliability, and that pricing isn’t a significant disadvantage if these objectives are met.
  3. Testing Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms Reliability is important for bigger brands, especially for those who execute numerous campaigns. Even if the majority of platforms provide comparable functionality, those geared for large businesses are more robust and provide cutting-edge features.
  4.  Suggestion for eCommerce     Although organizations rely on a number of related elements, eCommerce email marketing is still email marketing. Here is our list of prerequisites for eCommerce brands, along with the platforms we suggest.
  5. Top Integrations Overall Apps must communicate with one another in the world we live in. The following email platforms provide the best platform experience and total integration:
  6. Best Platforms for Retargeting Retargeting is a useful function that isn’t immediately thought of when deciding which platforms to use. To assist organizations in remarketing to subscribers, email marketing providers have started to offer pixels for popular platforms. The platforms with the finest retargeting solutions are listed below:
  7. Top Survey Software.  A fundamental tool for firms is the survey. You can almost exclusively rely on them when combined with email to learn what your customers want and think. Although few platforms come with built-in survey capabilities, we’ve discovered that integrations are now your best option. Wider, bug-free feature sets are possible thanks to integrations with more sophisticated survey programs.

    Here’s our list of the best email platforms with survey tools:

  8. Best Builder Functionality and Templates:      Today, a strong UI and UX are essential. For overall experience while creating emails and using templates, our top three make the list. You won’t ever get lost or upset while attempting to do tasks because they all have a clear and intuitive feel to them. Here are some examples of the templates and builder features that the top email marketing systems provide

  9. Best List Administration Best practices for list management are frequently quite beneficial. However, in order to get good results from your platform, you need tools that can help you figure out who you’re emailing. Although not all of the platforms are featured have capabilities like demographic predictions and predictive commerce insights, they are chosen for the list due to their functionality and usability.
  10. Most user-friendly Products are made or broken by UI and UX. Email marketing platforms strike a compromise between a number of capabilities, and frequently, the more features they include, the more difficult it is to keep the platform simple to use. We’ve found the following three platforms to be the easiest to use with a feature that stands out for us. They are not only simple to use, but they are also simple to utilize if you run into trouble and require assistance from an online knowledge base.
  11. Value for the Money It’s hard to define affordability. Sure, you may select the most affordable option, but it might not have all the features you require. We compared all platforms, and the following three represent what we believe to be the greatest deals in each market segment:
  12. The best reporting and analytics Actionable data is used to create the greatest email marketing campaigns. These days, data changes quickly. Platforms for email marketing must be able to collect data and show it in a way that is simple to use and comprehend. The platforms that, in our experience, provide the finest analytics and reporting are:
  13. Outstanding Onboarding and Support        Although the majority of platforms are simple, others require assistance to get started. A successful onboarding encourages you to continue learning and make the right decision. We’ve determined that these platforms combine the best combination of support.
  14. The Best CRM and Email Automation Tools Today, practically every platform offers email automation, which is a given. These stand out due to the way other crucial features support automation. Personalization is aided by CRM connection, and segmentation enables drip email marketing, which is smarter and more focused marketing. You can determine how much money clients spend by adding tagging and revenue attribution.
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Our Methodology

Our writers researched the most popular email marketing software and tools on the market . They looked at 10 different pieces of software in total, screened alternatives from ten different companies and makers, reviewed 25 user evaluations (both good and negative), and tested three of the pieces of software themselves before making their final recommendations. All of this study has resulted in advice that you can rely on

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Yes. This blog post includes a list of 20 platforms with a collection of key features for each.


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  • Sendinblue provides a variety of nurturing features, such as their easy sign up form options, landing page builder, and an intuitive and responsive email editor, to help you easily convert leads into customers.

    Sendinblue is one of the greatest email platform options on the market right now thanks to its brilliant all-in-one digital marketing solution, extensive reporting capabilities, and a ton of customizable templates.

    With Sendinblue, you can easily develop an email marketing strategy, manage SMS and site chat messages, connect Facebook ad management, and keep track of it all with ease thanks to a built-in CRM

2: Why Choose CONVERTKIT: The best FOR bloggers, podcasters, and creators.

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Both eCommerce companies and creators can benefit greatly from ConverKit. Its feature-rich UI and sleek design make for a pleasant experience. Opt-in forms, landing pages, email workflows, tagging systems, data management and list segmentation, personalization, automation, and many other features are included. ConvertKit also has beneficial connectors with other platforms that producers and makers are used to using, such as WordPress, Woocommerce, PayPal, and Stripe.


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GetResponse is a comprehensive web marketing tool for expanding your company.

To support your marketing efforts, they provide webinar software, high-converting landing pages, and email marketing campaigns.

Autofunnel, a platform with more than 30 pre-made landing pages, email templates, and sales sequences, really stands out in this context. You can also select your ultimate objectives.

Autofunnel is the solution whether you want to promote lead generation, product sales, or webinar registrations.

They are designed to increase conversion rates and nurture your email list:

Ecommerce Marketing Automation


How to build an email list from scratch

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Due of its sophisticated automation features and deliverability, ActiveCampaign is ranked as number one on my list as the finest email marketing software overall.

Machine learning is important since it is the most intelligent tool on this list.

ActiveCampaign provides frank answers to probing inquiries about your clients in order to take action on your behalf and move them through the sales funnel.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign has 850+ other app integrations, including Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, and many others.

Creating list triggers and moving users depending on dynamic email content, sales follow-ups, and other factors makes it simple to automate your list segments.


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It offers a specialized CRM, email marketing software, landing page building, online chat and forms administration, and everything in between. HubSpot is a well-known and respected product.

As a feature of their all-in-one marketing platform and sales management system, HubSpot provides email campaign A/B testing.

You may more readily link income to the marketing campaign, newsletter, or blog post that affected each transaction by using HubSpot as the foundation of your marketing and sales. In this regard, HubSpot functions more like a CRM with email marketing and automation features.

You may send email campaigns straight from WordPress with the help of the HubSpot WordPress plugin. Without ever leaving WordPress, the plugin enables you to use a HubSpot form or chat widget to instantly add contacts to your CRM.


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Have a limited budget? MailerLite is the only option! On its free plan, you can send up to 12,000 emails every month, and it costs just $9 per month to send unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts.

In contrast to other basic email marketing tools available, MailerLite is a useful tool in every business. MailerLite provides everything you need to launch mass email marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you’re developing a small charity, a side business, or a new freelancer.

However, MailerLite is actually an excellent (and reasonably priced) option for novices, personal projects, or if you only need to send straightforward email messages to your audience.


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